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Our new Modern Fit ProFlex Collection offers the comfort of 2-way stretch twill that keeps you looking tailored and professional all day long.
2-way stretch fabric for comfort and movement
Fade resistant
Chemical-free wrinkle resistance

Women's ProFlex...

Landau 4160 details ProFlex 4160
V-neck Tunic
Landau 4161 details ProFlex 4161
Faux Surplice Tunic
Landau 4168 details ProFlex 4168
V-neck with Knit Trim
Landau 3038 details ProFlex 3038
Snap Front Warm-up


Landau 4173PRV details ProFlex 4173PRV
Women's Notch Collar Top
Landau 2042 details ProFlex 2042
Straight Leg Pant
Landau 2043 details ProFlex 2043
Modern Yoga Pant
Landau 2030 details ProFlex 2030PRV
Women's Jogger Pant
Landau 4263PRV details ProFlex 4263PRV
Men's Notch Collar Top


Landau 4399 details ProFlex 4399
Maternity Crossover

Men's ProFlex...

Landau 4253 details ProFlex 4253
Men's 4-pocket V-neck
Landau 4259 details ProFlex 4259
Men's 1-pocket V-neck
Landau 2103 details ProFlex 3170
Men's Warm-up
Landau 2399 details ProFlex 2399
Maternity Pant
Landau 2103 details ProFlex 2103
Men's Cargo Pant
Landau 2100 details ProFlex 2100PRV
Men's Jogger Pant
Landau 2104 details ProFlex 2104
Unisex Cargo Pant

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