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As functional as they are stylish, ScrubZone scrubs by Landau are constructed to work tough and fit comfortably. Top quality, a vast array of color choices and styles, and superb funtionality - exactly what you would expect from Landau. Value shouldn't just be in the price tag — it should be in every stitch and felt in every step you take. ScrubZone is clothing that works.
Your comfort.  Your value.  Your ScrubZone.
Landau 70221 details ScrubZone 70221
V-neck Tunic
Landau 71221 details ScrubZone 71221
Unisex Scrub Top
Landau LT102 details ScrubZone LT102
Unisex Short Sleeve
Landau LT104 details ScrubZone LT104
Unisex Long Sleeve
Landau 70227 details ScrubZone 70227
Jacket with Knit Cuffs
Landau 75221 details ScrubZone 75221
Warm-up Jacket
Landau 83221 details ScrubZone 83221
Cargo Pant
Landau 85221 details ScrubZone 85221
Unisex Scrub Pant
Landau LB403 details ScrubZone LB403
Unisex Drawcord
Landau LB404 details ScrubZone LB404
Unisex Jogger
Landau 75231 details ScrubZone 75231
Unisex Warm-up
Landau 86002 details ScrubZone 86002
Unisex Lab Coat

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